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What about the Men?

Oooh so perdy!!

Sometimes, not a whole lot of thought is given to those little flower morsels called boutonnière , 

A boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. The word comes from the French boutonnière, or buttonhole, which is the British term.[1] The flower itself is often a carnation, which is most formal white, while red remains a classic alternative. Other colours may also be chosen to better coordinate with whatever else is being worn, such as a blue cornflower.[2]


oh how we have changed!, below are some examples of what are being created today for your partner at the altar.


source- academyflorist

source-academyflorist exoticCourtesy ETSY The shabby chic button hole

Source- Rosenowfloral

source- lindsaydochertyphotography

Source- The Knotsource-rosenowfloralModernsource academyfloristsource-academy florist And Now for Some Wacky!For The Boat Fan

Source-rosenowfloral Alice in Wonderland Inspired

Source- Rosenowfloral Alice In Wonderland Inspired

source- rosenowfloral

source- rosenowfloral