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Bubs in blue

Chair covers and sashes available for hire

I had the privledge of throwing a baby shower for my sister who was expecting a baby Boy, this was 2 weeks prior to her elective c section date 4 weeks to due date, how ever bubba had other ideas. and decided he wanted out the next Sunday after she went to her freind Charmain Lum’s(Balance Hair and Beauty)  baby shower.  i wanted to share with you below what i came up with

Horsey garland

mint julip cups available for hire

Little table of 4 create an intimate atmosphere

Mum with the sweet treats

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Trends Sweetheart tables

source amysquiresphotography

Forget traditional bridal tables, research is showing a popularity in Sweetheart tables for the Bride and Groom.  Basically there are many ways a bridal table can form.  Me personally, i chose to include the partners on our Bridal table, as i have been to an enormous amount of wedding where the partner of a member of the bridal party is left stuck  at the randoms table or dare i say it the singles table!!!( which between you and me seems to always be the life of the wedding anywho!)  But for me and my husband Alex, we chose to have 2 bridal tables which includes the wedding parties partners and an extra 2 seats at each table to accompany myself and Alex.

Basically we spent the first part of the night  at the first table and the rest of the night at the second table and of course mingling and dancing the night away!.

But now, instead of the “Bridal Table” you can opt to have your bridal party at a separate table to you and your husband/wife and to the other side a table set for the newlyweds to indulge in their first meal and beverage at a married couple.

Now before you lose interest, check out what we have come up with on our research of this topic.